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A Kiss in the Dark
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Contributed by Daniel López
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Snooty concert pianist Eric Phillips is tired and beginning to fear he's losing his talent. His condition is not helped when he discovers he's the owner of an apartment building and the tenants have a long list of grievances. His manager suggests he move into the building for a rest, an idea that initially does not appeal to Eric. He begins to feel differently as he becomes involved in the lives of his eccentric tenants, especially a pretty model named Polly.


Exhausted after twenty-one years of touring, concert pianist Eric Phillips learns that his financial advisor, Peter Danilo, has purchased an apartment building from its former owner, a taxidermist, when he is served with a warrant ordering him to visit the building and perform the necessary repairs. Among the tenants is Polly Haines, a photographer's model. Eric is quite taken with her and while they are talking, insurance salesman Bruce Arnold arrives. When Polly learns that Eric is afraid of damaging his hands, she suggests that Bruce insure them, and Bruce enthusiastically agrees, saying that he and Polly could then marry with the money from the commission. The following day the tenants all gather on the roof to welcome Eric. They announce their intention to fix up the building together, with plans for a day care center and roof garden. At the suggestion of the manager, Horace Willoughby, Polly takes Eric on a hike with some of the boys from the building. On their return to the apartment, Eric is met by a building inspector who announces that the building repairs are not up to code, and Eric then fires Willoughby. Polly reproachfully informs him that Willoughby was forced to sell the building after he went broke from helping others and accuses Eric of being spoiled. Eric then rehires Willoughby and gives him a free hand with the building repairs. Soon, Polly and Eric have fallen in love, and, on the advice of Eric's friend, Madame Karina, an elderly musician, Polly tries to introduce Eric to more relaxing pursuits. Overcome by jealousy, Bruce picks a fight with Eric, and convinces him that Polly was only being nice to him in order to sell him the insurance. Eric then prepares to go away on tour again, but when he returns to the apartment for some sheet music he accidentally left behind, Willoughby loosens the door handle, thereby locking him in with Polly. Forced to talk to each other, Polly learns what Bruce told Eric and Eric learns that Danilo was trying to separate him from Polly. Eric takes his revenge on both Bruce and Danilo when he and Polly leave for his tour, which will serve as their honeymoon.


David Niven as Eric Phillips

Jane Wyman as Polly Haines

Victor Moore as Horace Willoughby

Wayne Morris as Bruce Arnold

Broderick Crawford as Mr. Botts

Joseph Buloff as Peter Danilo

Maria Ouspenskaya as Mme. Karina

Curt Bois as Hugo Schloss

Percival Vivian as Benton, Eric's Butler

Raymond Greenleaf as Martin Soames

John Alvin as Tenant

Janet Barrett as Tenant

Howard Brody as Child at Picnic

Geraldine Carr as Tenant

Phyllis Coates as Mrs. Hale

Frank Dae as Hiram Knabe, Building Inspector

Joe Devlin as Stage Electrician

Dickie Dillon as Child at Picnic

Jimmie Dodd as Studsy Nolan

Paul Dunn as Child at Picnic

William Edmunds as Kummel

Parker Eggleston as Willie

Paulette Evans as Tenant

Franklyn Farnum as Tenant

Creighton Hale as Tenant

Grayce Hampton as Mrs. Stuyvedant

Betty Hill as Mrs. Beal

Stuart Holmes as Stage Manager

Tiny Jones as Tenant

Charles Jordan as Carmichael

Douglas Kennedy as Voice of Radio Concert Broadcaster

Donald Kerr as Photographer at Train

Blayney Lewis as Child at Picnic

Frank Marlowe as Taxi Driver

Fred Marlow as Tenant

Claire Meade as Anna the Cook

Bess Meyers as Tenant

Jerry Mickelsen as Child at Picnic

Ray Montgomery as Chet Hale

Jack Mower as Chris the Chauffeur

Joel Nestler as Child at Picnic

Norman Ollestad as Freddie

Paul Panzer as Tenant

Larry Rio as Taxi Driver

David Sandell as Child at Picnic

Sailor Vincent as Schloss's Assistant

Lottie Williams as Tenant

Tom Wilson as Tenant

Jack Wise as Tenant Carpenter

Raymond ZeBrack as Child at Picnic


Directed by
Delmer Daves 

Writing credits

Devery Freeman & Everett Freeman - story "Cleopatra Arms"
Harry Kurnitz - screenwriter

Produced by
Harry Kurnitz - producer

Original Music by
Max Steiner 

Cinematography by
Robert Burks 

Film Editing by
David Weisbart 

Art Direction by
Stanley Fleischer 

Set Decoration by
William L. Kuehl)

Costume Design by
Milo Anderson 

Makeup Department
Faye Hanlin - hair stylist
Ed Voight - makeup artist

Production Management
Eric Stacey - production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
William Kissell - assistant director

Sound Department
Charles Lang - sound

Camera and Electrical Department
Wesley Anderson - camera operator
Earl Ellwood - gaffer
Fred Morgan - still photographer
Harold Noyes - grip

Music Department
Murray Cutter - orchestrator
Ray Heindorf - musical director
Victor Herbert - composer: song "A Kiss in the Dark"

Other crew
Alma Young - script supervisor

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