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Contributed by Daniel López

Pollyanna (1960) is a Walt Disney Productions feature film starring child actress Hayley Mills, Jane Wyman, and Richard Egan in a story about a cheerful orphan changing the outlook of a small town. Based upon the novel Pollyanna (1913) by Eleanor Porter, the film was written and directed by David Swift. The film marks Mills' first of six films for Disney and won the actress a special Academy Award. Pollyanna has been broadcast on television and released to VHS and DVD.


Pollyanna (Hayley Mills) is the orphaned daughter of missionaries who arrives in the small town of Harrington to live with her rich aunt, Polly Harrington (Jane Wyman). Pollyanna is a cheerful youngster who focuses on the goodness of life and, in doing so, makes a wide variety of friends in the community including the hypochondriac Mrs. Snow (Agnes Moorehead) and the acidic recluse Mr. Pendergast (Adolphe Menjou).

Aunt Polly's wealth controls the town, and, when Harrington citizens want a derelict orphanage razed and rebuilt, Aunt Polly opposes the idea. The townspeople defy her by planning a carnival to raise funds for a new structure. Aunt Polly is furious with their audacity and forbids Pollyanna to participate. On the evening of the carnival however, Pollyanna is coaxed out of the house by playmate Jimmy Bean (Kevin Corcoran), who reminds Pollyanna she is leading "America, the Beautiful" at the highpoint of the event. With misgivings, Pollyanna slips away and has a wonderful time at the carnival.

On returning home, she avoids her aunt's presence by climbing a tree to her attic bedroom. She falls and is severely injured, losing the use of her legs. Pollyanna's spirits sink with the calamity, jeopardzing her chances of recovery. When the townspeople learn of Pollyanna's accident, they gather en masse in Aunt Polly's house with outpourings of love. Pollyanna's spirits gradually return to their usual hopefulness and love of life. She departs Harrington with her aunt for an operation in Baltimore that, it is hoped will correct her disability. The film ends at this point. It is never made clear whether or not she recovers the use of her legs.

Subplots include one concerning the return of Aunt Polly's girlhood sweetheart Edmund Chilton (Richard Egan) to the town; another, the town's minister Reverend Ford (Karl Malden) freeing himself from Aunt Polly's dictates; and another, the union of Aunt Polly's maid (Nancy Olson) with her sweetheart (James Drury).

Secondary roles are filled by a host of veteran film and television performers. Servants in Aunt Polly's home include Reta Shaw as cook Tillie Lagerlof and Mary Grace Canfield as the sour upstairs maid Angelica. Leora Dana plays Reverend Ford's wife, and Gage Clarke plays the mortician Mr. Murg. Townspeople include Donald Crisp as Mayor Karl Warren, Edward Platt and Anne Seymour as Ben and Amelia Tarbell. Ian Wolfe plays Mr. Neely and Nolan Leary portrays Mr. Thomas. Director David Swift plays a fireman in an early scene.

Although the original book had a sequel, such was not the case for the film.

Review from Amazon.com

Optimism shines in this classic 1960 Disney film starring Hayley Mills. When the newly orphaned Pollyanna comes to live with her wealthy aunt in Harrington Town, life looks promising. Despite her aunt's insistence on propriety and modesty, Pollyanna's cheerful, optimistic ways spread throughout the town--converting even a cantankerous recluse and a whining hypochondriac. Only Aunt Polly has trouble welcoming her young niece into her heart. In a clash between the townspeople and Aunt Polly over local politics, it's Pollyanna's influence that helps individual townspeople find the inner strength to stand up for their own beliefs. When Pollyanna is involved in a serious accident, Aunt Polly finally realizes how much she loves her niece. Can Aunt Polly and the entire town somehow restore Polly's optimism and ensure a full recovery? Pollyanna is wholesome entertainment that will leave the entire family eager to play the "glad game." --Tami Horiuchi


Jane Wyman as Aunt Polly

Richard Egan as Dr. Edmond Chilton

Karl Malden as Reverend Paul Ford

Nancy Olson as Nancy Furman

Adolphe Menjou as Mr. Pendergast

Donald Crisp as Mayor Karl Warren

Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Snow

Kevin Corcoran as Jimmy Bean

Hayley Mills as Pollyanna

James Drury as George Dodds

Reta Shaw as Tillie Lagerlof

Leora Dana as Mrs. Paul Ford

Anne Seymour as Mrs. Amelia Tarbell

Edward Platt as Ben Tarbell

Mary Grace Canfield as Angelica

Jenny Egan as Mildred Snow

Gage Clarke as Mr. Murg

Ian Wolfe as Mr. Neely

Nolan Leary as Mr. Thomas

Edgar Dearing as Mr. Gorman

Paul Frees as Barker (voice over)

Harry Harvey as Editor

Jon Lormer as Mr. Geary

William Newell as Mr. Hooper

Charles Seel as Train Conductor

David Swift as Fireman



Directed by
David Swift

Writing credits
Eleanor H. Porter - novel
David Swift - screenwriter

Produced by
George Golitzen - associate producer
Walt Disney - producer

Original Music by
Paul J. Smith

Cinematography by
Russell Harlan (director of photography)

Film Editing by
Frank Gross

Art Direction by
Carroll Clark
Robert Clatworthy

Set Decoration by
Emile Kuri
Fred M. MacLean

Costume Design by
Walter Plunkett

Makeup Department
Pat McNalley - makeup artist
Ruth Sandifer - hair stylist

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Joseph C. Behm - assistant director

Sound Department
Robert O. Cook - sound supervisor
Dean Thomas - sound

Special Effects by
Ub Iwerks - special effects

Visual Effects by
Peter Ellenshaw - matte artist

Camera and Electrical Department
Travers Hill - camera operator

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Gertrude Casey - costumer
Chuck Keehne - costumer

Music Department
Evelyn Kennedy - music editor
Franklyn Marks - orchestrator

Other crew
Leon Charles - dialogue coach
Don DaGradi - sequence consultant
Walt Disney - presenter

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