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Three Guys Named Mike
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A stewardess becomes romantically involved with an airline pilot, a college professor, and a successful businessman, all of whom are named Mike. When the three find out about each other, she has to decide which one she loves the most.


Small-town girl Marcy Lewis is accepted by Americal Airlines into their flight-attendant's school to become a air-hostess/stewardess, followed by her training events leading up to her first flight, which has to return to the airport because the stewardess forgot to check if there was any food aboard. She jumps from training to romancing, and soon has three suitors, all named Mike; Michael Lawrence, a poor, struggling scientist; Mike Jamison, an airline pilot; and Mike Tracy, an advertising executive. ~ Les Adams

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Jane Wyman as Marcy Lewis

Van Johnson as Mike Lawrence

Howard Keel as Mike Jamison

Barry Sullivan as Mike Tracy

Phyllis Kirk as Kathy Hunter

Anne Sargent as Jan Baker

Jeff Donnell as Alice Reymend

Herbert Heyes as Scott Bellamy

Robert Sherwood as Benson, Co-pilot

Don McGuire as MacWade Parker

Barbara Billingsley as Ann White

Hugh Sanders as Mr. Wiliams

John Maxwell as Dr. Matthew Hardy

Lewis Martin as C.R. Smith

Ethel Welles as 'Pug' (as Ethel 'Pug' Welles)

Sydney Mason as Osgood

Percy Helton as Mr. Hawkins, Hotel Manager

Herb Vigran as Mr. Kirk - Second 'Wolf' on Plane

Joel Allen as Airport worker

John Alvin as Flight Dispatcher Brown

Jessie Arnold as Convair passenger

Parley Baer as Bakery Truck Driver

Bill Baldwin as Milkman

Don Beddoe as Mr. Haymes - First 'Wolf' on Plane

Genevieve Bell as Convair passenger

Faire Binney as Mrs. Fleming

Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Lewis

Eileen Christy as Trainee

Edward Clark as Old Man

Mae Clarke as Convair Passenger

Harry Cody as Convair passenger

King Donovan as Willy - Passenger Agent

Phil Dunham as Convair passenger

Bonnie Kay Eddy as Natalie

Mary Jo Ellis as Trainee

Dan Foster as Roger

Jack Gargan as Mr. Rogers

Frank Gerstle as Radio Dispatcher

A. Cameron Grant as Convair passenger

Mary Alan Hokanson as Receptionist

Frank Hyers as Taxicab Driver

Peggy Leon as Mrs. Brooks

K. Elmo Lowe as Operations Chief Thomas

Bill McKenzie as Convair passenger

Harold Miller as Dance Floor Extra

King Mojave as Passenger Agent

Matt Moore as Mr. Tannen

Jane Morgan as Woman on Plane

Leo Mostovoy as Convair passenger

Kenneth Patterson as Mr. Hamilton

John Pickard as Crew Schedule Man

Gerald Pierce as Airport worker

John Raven as Customer

Erin Selwyn as Applicant

Jack Shea as Nashville Passenger Agent

Sidney Sheldon as Rudy

Dick Simmons as Flight Official

Reginald Simpson as Postman

Arthur Space as Airline Clerk

Hanley Stafford as Sam Lewis

Clarence Straight as Instructor

Robert E. Strickland as Airport worker

Charles Wagenheim as Irate Man

Harlan Warde as Meterologist Hawkins

Katherine Warren as Mrs. Bellamy

Constance Weiler as Stewardess

June Whitley Taylor as Receptionist


Directed by
Charles Walters

Writing credits
Ruth Brooks Flippen (story)
Sidney Sheldon (screenplay)

Produced by
Armand Deutsch - producer

Original Music by
Bronislau Kaper

Cinematography by
Paul Vogel

Film Editing by
Cotton Warburton

Art Direction by
William Ferrari
Cedric Gibbons

Set Decoration by
Arthur Krams
Edwin B. Willis

Makeup Department
Sydney Guilaroff - hair stylist
William Tuttle - makeup artist

Art Department
William Ferrari - associate art director

Sound Department
Douglas Shearer - sound

Special Effects by
A. Arnold Gillespie - special effects
Warren Newcombe - special effects

Other crew
Gerald Tierney - technical advisor

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