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2:48Scene - Cary arrives home and is confronted by her son.
2:03An interview with Jane while shooting some scenes from Season 5 in 1985. She talks about a new love interest for her character Angela.
1:24In this interview from 1986 (Entertainment Tonight) Falcon Crest Star Jane Wyman (Angela Channing) talks about the upcoming season 6 and the new guest star Kim Novak (Kit Marlowe).
1:24Entertainment Tonight report on the series finale.
1:09Alternate Season 1 Opening
1:19Alternate Season 8 Opening
4:10Jane and Bing Crosby sing In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening, winner of an Academy Award for Best Original Song.
1:29Jane Wyman & Barbara Stanwyck as themselves
4:30Jane and Bing Crosby sing the Oscar nominated Zing A Little Zong
4:17Jane sings Checkin' My Heart
3:15Jane with Hayley Mills in the "good examples" and "new clothes for Pollyanna" scenes.
1:26William Hopper carries Jane up the stairs and "over the threshold."
4:01A montage of stills accompanied by the music "Attraversiamo" composed by Dario Marianelli.
3:28Jane Wyman 1914-2007. Two news reports of her passing, followed by a montage of pictures, posters, and short film clips.
8:04Photos, stills, and clips spanning her career.
3:25Photos and clips set to music.
1:54News report of Jane's passing. Includes interview with close friend Virginia Zamboni.


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